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Webinar: Music Care in Indigenous Communities

Music in Indigenous Cultures: Situated locally
June 13, 2018 | Room 217 - Music Care
Kelly Laurila M.Ed., MSW, RSW; PhD Candidate

Indigenous music...

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Webinar: Healing from the drum: Wholistic Experiences of Indigenous Drum Circle

Healing from the drum: Wholistic Experiences of Indigenous Drum Circle
Kelly Laurila
M.Ed., MSW, RSW; Doctoral Student (3rd year)

"Integral natu...

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Social Circus: The Cultural Politics of Embodying "Social Transformation"

"In the later decades of the 20th century, principles of cultural democracy became prominent in discourses of community art (see Goldbard 2006; Graves 2005) in the hope that this approach could redres...

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Appropriating City Spaces: Exploring Practice, Process and Policy in Aboriginal Street Art

"In this thesis I analyze the city of Toronto’s graffiti management policies, constructing street art as a new commons to offer a means of understanding cultural production, appropriation, and resis...

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Aboriginal Peoples and Historic Trauma: The process of intergenerational transmission

"The first report in this two-part series, Aboriginal Peoples and Historic Trauma: The process of intergenerational transmission, recognizes that Aboriginal peoples' experiences are rooted in multigen...

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Social Determinants of Health: Aboriginal experiences with racism and its impacts

This arts & health paper discusses racism, how it is expressed in society, and how it is experienced by Indigenous people in Canada "in interpersonal, structural and sometimes violent ways." ...

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Telling Stories about Stories

A reflection on the power of storytelling, with a health lens.

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Art and Wellness: The Importance of Art for Aboriginal Peoples' Health and Healing

"Addressing the vast health inequalities that exist between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in Canada requires solutions that are as complex as the problems themselves. This fact sheet details t...

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First Peoples' Language Map of British Columbia

"British Columbia is home to 203 First Nations communities and an amazing diversity of Indigenous languages; approximately 60% of the First Nations languages of Canada are spoken in B.C. You can acces...

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Arctic Hip Hop

An online, printable book of photos and reflections on BluePrintForLife's hip-hop education based programs in the Arctic.

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Intergenerational Healing Around the Effects of Residential Schools

A video documenting BluePrintForLife's work in Kugaaruk, Nunavut. BluePrint partnered with Pauktuutit (The National Women’s Inuit Association) to create an intergenerational healing program around the ef...

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Artists on Ice

Created by Andrew Swallow with the Wapikoni Mobile team, this film looks at the benefits and meaning that art holds for community members and individuals.

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