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Building Bridges Across Generations: Redefining intergenerational spaces for girls' empowerment

"Girls Action Foundation has compiled practices and reflections to share with other groups that are creating intergenerational spaces for social change. We hope that our experience and expertise can c...

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The Bridge Tip Sheet: Working with Immigrant Girls and Young Women to Support Girls' Empowerment

"As part of the Bridge Project: Build, Exchange, Collaborate for Immigrant Young Women, Girls Action Foundation has compiled the following tip sheet. These tips come from our own practice and from oth...

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Our Communities, Our Words

"Our Communities, Our the documentation of the best practices, reflections on programming, stories and experiences that have been shared by our Community Colleagues who are working for and ...

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Rural Community Action Guide

"This Community Action Guide is part of a larger project, which shines light on the potential of rural girls and young women to contribute to community development. The project engages youth and rural...

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Northern Reflections: Looking back and moving forward for girls' empowerment

"This publication is a celebration of what girls and women are doing in their communities. Northern Reflections is an informative and inspirational tool for anyone who wants to support girls’ and yo...

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Start Something Fierce: A Young Woman’s Guide to Grassroots Organizing (2nd Edition)

Start Something Fierce is a zine that grew out of the Elle Project and the Indigenous Young Women leadership project, a project by and for Indigenous young women. The zine contains stories, tips, and ideas...

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Decolonizing Social Justice Work

This guide is a collection of reflections, stories, and tips created to ‘support organizations, facilitators, and youth working against oppression’. The guide includes sections on allyship, facilitatio...

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Designing Spaces and Programs for Girls: A Toolkit

The Amplify Toolkit has two parts: a manual and a workshop guide. The manual provides information and guidelines for setting up programs for young women, while the workshop guide contains step-by-step tips...

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Make Some Noise

A toolkit designed to provide tools, stories, skills and resources to young women interested in using media arts for social change.

To access this resource in French, please visit: http://artb...

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