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Allyship and Equity

"'Being an ally is not an identity, it is a process' - Sister Outsider

Over the last week the media has flooded with one name: Rachel Dolezal. An American civil rights activist who recent...

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Re-approaching community development through the arts: a ‘critical mixed methods’ study of social circus in Quebec


Community arts projects have long been used in community development. Nevertheless, despite many liberatory tales that have emerged, scholars caution that well-meaning organizat...

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Picturing Disability in Contemporary Art: First Friday Lecture by Danielle Fenn and Zana Marie Lutfiyya

By surveying portrayals of disability in contemporary art, Fenn and Lutfiyya will address the intersection of art and disability studies. Tensions exist between how the social sciences and the art world re...

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Family Photos: Digital Photography as Emancipatory Art Education in Montreal’s Black Community

"This thesis documents a participatory action research project in which I collaborated with a Caribbean-Canadian family of four, to study their experiences of familial art education and photographic p...

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Making the Case for Culture: Building Community Identity and Pride

Key arguments and background info for demonstrating how culture can foster social cohesion and belonging, tourism, and collective memory.

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Building Corporate Relationships: A tookit for nonprofits

A toolkit designed to support nonprofit organizations in building relationships with the corporate sector; the principles can also be applied to relationships with government and other funders. Focuses on ...

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Understanding Aboriginal Arts in Canada Today: A review of knowledge and literature

This extensive literature review lists articles, books, and other materials related to Indigenous arts and culture in Canada. It also includes a discussion of Indigenous culture, history, and identity; 'th...

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Community Identity and Pride

A roundup of evidence that links the arts to community identity and pride. This summary of research touches on the impact of the arts as it relates to social cohesion, community branding, identity, and tou...

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Change Through Equity Resource Guide

This guide encourages youth to think critically, ask questions, explore the essentials of equity and peace, and raise awareness using the power of youth-voice and creativity. Activities and films included ...

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"Northern Ontario Community Based Arts Practitioners Circle: A Supplement to Reflections on Breathing Northwinds Forum"

"A post Breathing Northwinds Forum discussion about collective identity, potential,
dreams, and challenges. Discussion held at Wikwemikong Hub Centre, June 10, 2007."

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