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GOAL Workshop Series: Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop

The document highlights a few tips to keep in mind when incorporating as a nonprofit organization

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GOAL Toolkit Video: Fundraising 101

"Video based on GOAL Toolkit: Fundraising 101

Basic Principles of Grassroots Fundraising
(point presentation content -Kim Klein)
Some Interesting Facts about the Canadian Nonp...

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Planning For Transition: Succession Planning Toolkit for Arts and Culture Not-for-Profit Organizations

"Planning for Transition a succession planning toolkit for arts and culture not-for-profit organizations.
The best practices detailed in this toolkit will provide strategies which will assist bo...

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SpaceFinder Hamilton

"SpaceFinder Hamilton increases the visibility of creative workspaces throughout the Greater Hamilton Area and Burlington. Venues can market unbooked rental space by creating a listing and uploading a...

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SpaceFinder Toronto

"SpaceFinder Toronto increases the visibility of creative workspaces throughout the Greater Toronto community. Venues can market unbooked rental space by creating a listing and uploading a digital cal...

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Arts Impact Alberta 2014: Ripple Effects from the Arts Sector

"The report uses data submitted to the AFA by nonprofit arts organizations, places it in a larger social and economic context, and continues to tell the story of this sector for Albertans over the sev...

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Board Development Workbooks

A collection of online workbooks developed by the Board Development Program at Alberta Culture and the Muttart Foundation. You can purchase hard copies of these workbooks through RCVO at Volunteer Alberta...

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Building Corporate Relationships: A tookit for nonprofits

A toolkit designed to support nonprofit organizations in building relationships with the corporate sector; the principles can also be applied to relationships with government and other funders. Focuses on ...

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Governance Works! A guidebook of governance essentials

"This guidebook attempts to give participants in the cultural community a clear understanding of what governance is, what the work of governance consists of, and what role boards of directors are requ...

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Diversity at Work: Creating an inclusive and supportive work environment

Toolkit focused on concepts and approaches that help 'organizations create, support and nurture diversity'. This is a very broad set of basic explanations, recommendations, and tips, created with a diveris...

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The Standards

A collection of standards for human resources in nonprofit organizations. Includes a PDF workbook to help groups assess their own strengths and gaps. Includes standards for recruitment, training and manage...

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HR Toolkit: Succession Planning

Introduces the concept of succession planning and why it matters. Includes sections on both small and medium-sized nonprofits and larger organizations. Features printable checklists, key questions to consi...

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