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Conseils et outils de la ToileDesArts no 6 : Cinq recommandations pour créer une galerie communautaire inclusive

ToileDesArts a interviewé Dayna Rainville, du Conseil des arts d’Algoma, à propos du projet Miinikaan et du démarrage de la galerie d’art communautaire Dawaa Dazhi. Ses recommandations portent sur l...

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ArtBridges Tips & Tools Series #6: Top Five Tips for Building an Inclusive Community Gallery

ArtBridges spoke with Dayna Rainville of the Arts Council of Algoma about the Miinikaan Project, and starting the community arts gallery, Dawaa Dazhi Gallery. Dayna's tips touch on building relationships f...

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Impressions of the Impact of the Arts on Quality of Life and Well-Being in Ontario

"'Impressions of the Impact of the Arts on Quality of Life and Well-Being in Ontario', the Nanos Research report based on a random survey of 1,004 individuals, found that a large majority of Ontarians...

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Impressions de l’impact des arts sur la qualité de vie et le bien-être en Ontario

"'Selon Impressions de l’impact des arts sur la qualité de vie et le bien-être en Ontario', rapport de Nanos Research fondé sur un sondage aléatoire de 1 004 personnes, une vaste majorité d’O...

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Re-approaching community development through the arts: a ‘critical mixed methods’ study of social circus in Quebec


Community arts projects have long been used in community development. Nevertheless, despite many liberatory tales that have emerged, scholars caution that well-meaning organizat...

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Dancing change / changing dance | Anne Flynn at The Walrus Talks

"From Enbridge Presents The Walrus Talks What is Art, Anyway? Recorded May 30th, 2016 in Calgary.

Anne Flynn, a former professor of dance at the University of Calgary, has worked as a da...

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Why Art for Social Change?

This video by the ASC! Research Project asks the question "Why Art for Social Change?"

For more information, please visit ICASC/ASC!:

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Connecting Social Justice and the Arts

"The Arts for Social Justice initiative integrates arts and social justice in a series of cross-curricular high school workshops that bring educators and artists together into the classroom working wi...

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Resources for Social Justice Education

"An important component of the Arts for Social Justice project is the creation of a teaching tool and resource for pre-service teachers that explores and elucidates how to teach civil liberties and so...

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Social Justice and Drama Education

Social Justice through the lens of drama education.

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Social Justice and Music Education

"Social Justice through the lens of music education."

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Indigenous Arts Protocols

"This video was created by the Ontario Arts Council as a tool to highlight the significance of Indigenous cultural protocols in the arts.

The Ontario Arts Council commissioned Maaiingan ...

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