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Webinar: Singing For Wellness: No Wrong Notes, group singing in the oral tradition

Room 217 Webinar
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
No Wrong Notes: Group Singing in the Oral Tradition

"Singing without musical notation and written words nurtures spontaneity, collecti...

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Time River Blue Mouths Infinite Absence: Madness, Grief, Art

"This thesis explores social conceptions of madness, drawing on theorists such as Tobin Siebers, Sara Ahmed, Lynne Huffer and Ann Cvetkovich, and engaging with works of art by people who have been inv...

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Returning Home Through Stories: A Decolonizing Approach to Omushkego Cree Theatre through the Methodological Practices of Native Performance Culture (NPC)

"This research examines Native Performance Culture (NPC), a unique practice in Native theatre that returns Aboriginal people to the sources of Aboriginal knowledge, and interrupts the colonial fragmen...

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Picturing Transformation: Nexw-ayanstut

"Picturing Transformation is the story of Uts’am/Witness, a series of camping weekends held at Sims Creek that brought together First Nations and non-First Nations people to walk, sleep, eat, make a...

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Documenting Community Art

A guide to documenting community art projects through online collective memory archives. The guide is based around the Skol-CEDA co-creation project, a three year community art collaboration that took plac...

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Making the Invisible Visible: Documenting the creative process

Based around a case study of the Skol-CEDA co-creation projects archive, this paper explores various aspects of documenting the creative process. Examine the challenges of finding the appropriate documenta...

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Tradition vs. Traditional

An inquiry into the concepts of 'tradition' and 'traditional' in relation to African and African Diasporic dance cultures. Excerpted from A-Feeree The Physical Language.

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