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The Radical Stitch: Bead Until Your Fingers Bleed by Sherry Farrell Racette

The Wendy Wersch Memorial Lecture Series is an annual event celebrating the memory of Winnipeg artist Wendy Wersch. Each lecture celebrates women in the visual arts who act as role models for innovative cu...

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Creative Engagement Through the Arts as Health Care for Older People: Potential and Problems Provoked

"Programs that use the arts to engage older people promote health, foster community, and give voice and legacy to participants. Creative practice in health care settings facilitates emotional, mental,...

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Appropriating City Spaces: Exploring Practice, Process and Policy in Aboriginal Street Art

"In this thesis I analyze the city of Toronto’s graffiti management policies, constructing street art as a new commons to offer a means of understanding cultural production, appropriation, and resis...

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Transformative Community Art: Re-visioning the Field of Practice

"Community art is a multidisciplinary practice that was engendered by two main perspectives on art; a functionalist approach and an ‘art as essential to humanity’ approach. These differing ideolog...

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The Art of Remembering: Iranian Political Prisoners, Resistance and Community

"Over the last three decades, many women and men who were political prisoners in the Middle East have come to Canada as immigrants and refugees. In their countries of origin, they resisted oppressive ...

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Art Communautaire Militant - Projets 2013-2014

"Ce deuxième livre documente sept projets d’art communautaire militant (Montréal et Alma) soutenus par le programme ROUAGE d’Engrenage Noir en 2013-2014.
Ces projets ont porté les revendi...

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Guide Art Communautaire Militants Projets 2012-2013

Ce livre est une documentation appronfondit de cinq projets d’art communautaire militant soutenus par ROUAGE en 2012-2013. Les projets ont porté les revendications de personnes analphabètes, de travail...

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