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DAREarts Attawapiskat: Walking for Peace

“On National Aboriginal Day, a group of youths from Vezina High School in Attawapiskat First Nation reclaimed their voice by releasing an original music video. Called Walking for Peace, the work addresse...

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Why the Caged Bird Sings: Radical Inclusivity, Sonic Survivance and the Collective Ownership of Freedom Songs + Tools

"This thesis, by way of deep reflection and truthful recounting, pays homage to six different groups of predominately Indigenous incarcerated women and detained male youth, who engaged with me in an a...

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Managing an Organization: Risk Management

This is a collection of articles and resources in relation to risk management. Includes insurance and liability and tools for risk management in relation to boards, financial management, and staff & vo...

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Urban Arts Initiative

The Urban Arts Initiative goal is to better plan for arts opportunities with and for marginalized youth in the Hamilton community. This report is a summary of all information collected for the Urban Arts I...

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