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Toronto Arts Stats 2017

"Toronto Arts Foundation released the results of their Arts Stats 2017 in partnership with Leger. Arts Stats 2017 brings together the results from a public opinion poll and a survey of arts administra...

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Toronto Arts Stats 2016

"Toronto Arts Stats 2016 asks questions about arts engagement. For the third consecutive year, the impact of the arts on quality of life in Toronto is supported by the research results. The report tou...

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Toronto Arts Stats 2015

This report presents statistics related to arts and engagement in Toronto. "Toronto Art Stats 2015 is a compilation of results from an online survey of just over 500 Toronto residents conducted in Jan...

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First Peoples' Language Map of British Columbia

"British Columbia is home to 203 First Nations communities and an amazing diversity of Indigenous languages; approximately 60% of the First Nations languages of Canada are spoken in B.C. You can acces...

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Culture Facts and Statistics

Statistics on the arts and culture industries in Alberta; useful for demonstrating the relevance of arts activities and the value of arts investment.

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Quick Stats on the Arts

Statistics on public participation and support for culture, economic and social contribution of culture, and 'pocket stats' on funding and arts activities in Ontario.

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