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Social Circus: The Cultural Politics of Embodying "Social Transformation"

"In the later decades of the 20th century, principles of cultural democracy became prominent in discourses of community art (see Goldbard 2006; Graves 2005) in the hope that this approach could redres...

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Boundless: Deaf Artists, Artists with Disabilities and OAC

"Learn about the experiences of Deaf artists and artists with disabilities who have applied for grants or participated in juries.

Deaf artists and artists with disabilities were identifie...

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Vital Arts and Public Value

"Vital Arts and Public Value builds on the work that began with OAC’s two previous strategic plans, Connections and Creativity (2008-2013) and Stability and Strength (2003-2006).

The fo...

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Vital Arts and Public Value (ASL Version)

Vital Arts and Public Value, the Ontario Arts Council’s (OAC) strategic plan for 2014-2020, is available on the OAC website at

Vital Arts and Public Value builds on the...

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L’art à part entière : Stratégie d’accès et d’égalité pour l’avancement des pratiques des artistes handicapés ou sourds

"Dans le document Cap sur l’avenir – Plan stratégique 2008-2011, le Conseil des arts du Canada a fait de l’appui au secteur « art et handicap » un nouveau domaine d’exploration dans le cadr...

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Healthy Agency Toolkit

"The Alberta Foundation for the Arts encourages arts organizations to balance good governance practices and fiscal responsibility while maintaining their artistic mandate. The Healthy Agencies Toolkit...

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Expanding the Arts: Deaf and Disability Arts, Access, and Equality Strategy

"With the Canada Council for the Arts’ publication of the Moving Forward: Strategic Plan 2008-11, disability was named as a new area of exploration within Direction 3: Equity. Soon after, the Equity...

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Culture Forum 2012 Report: What we heard

In 2012, the Alberta Culture Forum took place in Red Deer. This report summarizes ideas and feedback from the forum in relation to cultural policy and strategic planning in Alberta.

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Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing the Opportunity

"The not-for-profit sector has long talked about the importance of making diversity and inclusion a priority. But the evidence for diversity as an embedded priority in the sector is not encouraging. R...

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CCNC Cultural Planning Toolkit

According to Creative City Network of Canada, "cultural planning is a process of inclusive community consultation and decision-making that helps local government identify cultural resources and think ...

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Strategic Plan Template

A fill-in-the-blanks worksheet for strategic planning.

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Engaged in Learning: The Art Smarts Model

"This paper develops ArtsSmarts' theory of learning centred on the concept of student engagement.  Compiling the results of approximately a dozen internal research studies on student learning and pro...

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