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Seeding Reconciliation on Uneven Ground: The 4Rs Approach to Cross-Cultural Dialogue

"Through many pathways and helping hands, the 4Rs Youth Movement has developed a detailed framework to engage Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people in cross-cultural dialogue. This framework is o...

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Transformative Community Art: Re-visioning the Field of Practice

"Community art is a multidisciplinary practice that was engendered by two main perspectives on art; a functionalist approach and an ‘art as essential to humanity’ approach. These differing ideolog...

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The Art of Remembering: Iranian Political Prisoners, Resistance and Community

"Over the last three decades, many women and men who were political prisoners in the Middle East have come to Canada as immigrants and refugees. In their countries of origin, they resisted oppressive ...

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Educator's Equity Companion Guide

The Educator’s Equity Companion Guide from Harmony Movement is a practical tool designed to equip educators and community service providers with the knowledge, language and skills to create more equitabl...

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Catch the Fire: An Art-Full Guide to Unleashing the Creative Power of Youth, Adults and Communities

"Catch the Fire is a complete guide to using arts and empowerment techniques to bring greater vitality and depth to working with groups of youth or adults. Based on the premise that you don’t have t...

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CPAMO Toolkit: Evidence-based Strategies to Promote Pluralism in the Arts

This toolkit 'aims to address areas that arts organizations have been discussing through the CPAMO project, its Town Halls and workshops, and in other conversations, i.e., what is needed and what is being ...

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You Can Do it Too! A Guide for Learning Through the Arts

"You Can Do It Too! Learning Through the Arts presents an interactive, inclusive approach to teaching through lively multi-sensory creative activities. Drama, storytelling, dance, movement, music an...

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Change Through Equity Resource Guide

This guide encourages youth to think critically, ask questions, explore the essentials of equity and peace, and raise awareness using the power of youth-voice and creativity. Activities and films included ...

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Tracing Emerging Modes of Practice: Craft Sector Review

Includes detailed findings, summarizes existing gaps and recommends ways to support and develop Ontario’s craft sector. Examines design-oriented craft practices, the use of digital technologies in crafts...

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