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Resources related to engaging and empowering youth.

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Body Mapping as a Youth Sexual Health Intervention and Data Collection Tool


"In this article, we describe and evaluate body mapping as (a) an arts-based activity within Fostering Open eXpression Among Youth (FOXY), an educational intervention targeting N...

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ArtTransforms Episode 4: Art Impassions

"SKETCH and our partners at TraffikGroup are proud to launch our web series #ArtTransforms: six 90-second video vignettes in which young people reveal their own personal Art Transforms story. We're sh...

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GOAL Toolkit Video: Models of Youth Work

"Talk and video based on Models of Youth Work GOAL Toolkit

The Grassroots Organizing and Leadership (GOAL) Youth Capacity Building Workshop Series was
developed in 2007 by youth-led...

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Artists in Communities and Schools Projects program

"A webcast about the Artists in Communities and Schools Projects program with Ontario Arts Council Officers, Nas Khan and Christina Akrong and Program Administrator, Philippe Mesly."

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Artistes en milieu communautaire et scolaire – projets

"Une webémission sur les artistes en milieu communautaire et scolaire - projets avec Geneviève Trilling, responsable adjointe des arts francophones"

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Youth Explore Potential Solutions to Barriers in Their Lives

“Youth Agencies Alliance (YAA) has come together once again to host an art show with the intention of helping youth explore belonging, urban & world issues, and human rights from a positive perspecti...

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Social Work Through Hip Hop

"Stephen Leafloor: Social Work Through Hip Hop

Stephen Leafloor (Buddha) is dedicated to working creatively with youth around the world to empower them with a sense of control and hope in...

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Kutz & Dawgs: a Play for Children & Youth on Anti-Bullying

"This video is the document of the 45-minute play featuring youth from the community as alley cats and junkyard dogs. It is a strongly anti-gang, anti-violence, anti-bullying and anti-racism work. Thi...

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Breaking the Ties that Bind Us

“Lora speaks of helping youth discover pride and self worth, and points out art can break the ties that bind us, not only with our own growth, but in acceptance of others.

She makes the case...

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Conseils et outils de la ToileDesArts no3 : Recette pour soutenir les artistes qui travaillent dans le milieu communautaire

Une petite recette créée par Julie Frost de VIBE Arts pour soutenir les artistes qui travaillent dans le milieu communautaire. Des trucs par rapport au lien de confiance et à la collaboration, aux polit...

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Conseils et outils de la ToileDesArts no5 : Mobiliser les jeunes et développer leur pouvoir d'agir

Nous avons demandé à Kerry Boileau, responsable du programme Acting OUT! de SKETCH, de nous livrer ses recommandations pour créer un espace propice à la mobilisation et au développement du pouvoir d'a...

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ArtBridges Tips and Tools: Engaging & Empowering Youth

We asked Kerry Boileau, facilitator of SKETCH’s Acting Out program, to share some reflections and tips for creating space that engages and empowers youth.

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