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Communications & Outreach resources relate to social media, branding, marketing, PR, presentations, outreach, etc.

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Guide Pratique des Ruches d'Art

"Le Guide Pratique des Ruches d’Art a été créé en réponse a un besoin exprimé par plusieurs membres de la communauté qui partagent un désir de se regrouper pour répondre de façon créative...

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What is branding? w/ Creative Manitoba's David Pensato

"Join Creative Manitoba and David Pensato (Director of Brand Strategy, The Distillery) for an overview of what a brand is. In three easy parts, Pensato describes what your "brand" is really...

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Building your 'Brand' w/ Creative Manitoba's David Pensato!

"Join Creative Manitoba and David Pensato (Director of Brand Strategy, The Distillery) for a quick lesson in the first steps in defining your brand strategy. Part 1, create a short brand statement th...

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Marketing Series #1- Business Basics: A Lesson in Business Writing

"Through this Toolkit series on Marketing, you will be provided with insight from industry professionals, step by step guides that match the tools you have as well as your skill level, and links to fu...

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Marketing Series #2- Capturing Content

"Before you can begin promoting and capturing your project or business you need to learn what tools you need, and how to best use them. In the following section we will be discussing the image and vid...

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Marketing Series #4- Prepping Press Kits

"Your press kit is a way of promoting the product or services your project can provide, in a visually appealing way for media, investors, and potential clients to learn about all that you have to offe...

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Marketing Series #3- Starting Social

"Your digital presence is absolutely crucial when it comes to getting people to learn more about what you have to offer. You can only reach out to so many people in person since that requires you to g...

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Marketing Series #5- Marketing Magic

"First impressions are everything, and getting someone to understand what you have to offer in a way that benefits them and your project or company is key. The opportunity to pitch your project, wheth...

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GOAL Toolkit: Branding 101

"The Grassroots Organizing and Leadership (GOAL) Youth Capacity Building
Workshop Series was developed in 2007 by youth-led organizations, funders
and other partners to provide access to l...

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Social Enterprise & the Arts

"Event Report that includes insights and resources gleaned from a Neighbourhood Arts Network event investigating social enterprise in community arts."

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Branding & Self Promotion 101

"Check out Jase Cozmic's top 5 tips on branding and self promotion. The video toolkit series is filmed during the Neighbourhood Arts Network's MAKING A LIVING. MAKING ART events, created for artists, ...

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Top 5 Video Tool Kits: 'Art of Sponsorship' - featuring Che Kothari

View Neighbourhood Arts Network's rosters of Top 5 Video Tool Kits designed for community engaged artist, administrators, youth and arts professionals. Featuring speakers from our Making a Living. Making A...

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