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Programs & Workshops relates to program ideas, program planning and scheduling, icebreakers, facilitation techniques, etc.

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4Cs Foundation Art Bikers Program Design and Review

"This document has been created to reflect some of the history, design and learning of the Art Bikers program. The Art Bikers program is unique in Canada and is valued and loved by the citizens of Hal...

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Community Arts Dialogue on Interculturalism

"On November 9 and 16 2013, the Community Arts Vancouver invited community members of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside to participate in an arts-based dialogue of Interculturalism. Guest artists Diane Mo...

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Community Directory of Emerging Facilitators (2015)

"The emerging facilitators in this directory have received facilitation training through Art of Facilitation 101, a 5-session training program organized by ArtReach, Nia Centre for the Arts, and AVNU....

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GOAL Workshop Series: Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop

The document highlights a few tips to keep in mind when incorporating as a nonprofit organization

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Why the Caged Bird Sings: Radical Inclusivity, Sonic Survivance and the Collective Ownership of Freedom Songs + Tools

"This thesis, by way of deep reflection and truthful recounting, pays homage to six different groups of predominately Indigenous incarcerated women and detained male youth, who engaged with me in an a...

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A statement of participant rights created by Chrysalis Advocacy Group participants on behalf of all Chrysalis participants. This statement is publicly displayed in the Chrysalis space in Calgary. Chrysalis...

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Educational Programs and Teaching Strategies for Young Offenders

This study aims to explore education as a tool for young offender rehabilitation. A range of educational programs for young offenders, with a focus on educational strategies, will be examined by looking at...

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Re-connecting with Nature: Transformative Environmental Education Through the Arts

This thesis provides an overview of arts-based environmental learning. It is an attempt to invoke critical consideration of how the arts, with the use of media and technologies, may engage students in an i...

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Resampling Gender in Music Production: Community Development and Participatory Learning at Play

"This paper outlines Resampled’s mission and pedagogical approach, including its goal of working toward social justice through empowerment, community development, and participatory learning. After t...

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Group Dynamics

A collection of resources that relate to group dynamics; includes power dynamics, learning styles, problem solving and decision making.

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The Art of Inclusion - Seven Steps; A Guide to Developing and Delivering Accessible and Inclusive Programs within Arts and Cultural Organizations

Originally developed for the art education experiences provided by the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, this guidebook outlines “seven steps to accessible and inclusive programs” that can be “benef...

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Creating a Workshop: A 4-step guide to making engaging workshops

"This toolkit provides a step-by-step process of planning an effective workshop for any audience. A workshop done right has the potential to create spaces for brainstorming, interactive learning, b...

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