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Between Here and There

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Between Here and There Michael "Cy" Cywink & Ojibwe Cultural Foundation, M'Chigeeng First Nation, Manitoulin Island. | ON

Michael "Cy" Cywink has a solo exhibit happening at the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation, M'Chigeeng First Nation, Manitoulin Island. The exhibit runs until late October. Please see this video for a preview of the Between Here and There exhibit:

“This exhibition is a colorful view of where I am at. I used to write about each piece so that the viewing public could relate to where I was coming from. This soon stopped for me due to the reaction of some viewers who were caught between here and there. This brought me to the fact that either they were there, because I wasn’t here; or they were here, when I was there.

What matters to me is how the viewer sees what I cannot. How they interpret the meaning of color, design and concept; but can they see it through my eyes? ‘Between here and there’ is between you and I. Look beyond the frames, the stretchers of the canvas and into the center of color which balances for you. Help me out and see something more than just the title; it is how I seen it to label it. The title is the box; think and see outside the box.” ©MiiZhen Michael “Cy” Cywink

(posted with permission from Michael "Cy" Cywink)

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15 Highway 551 (Corner of Highways 551 & 540)
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