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Community Service Learning

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Community Service LearningNSCAD, Halifax | NS

[Note: NSCAD Community Service Learning is an ongoing/annual program. For the latest info on Community Service Learning opportunities at NSCAD, please visit: ]

"Students choose potential placements through traditional Internships, Film Internships, Community Service Learning or Design Practicums. New placements are being added throughout the year and we are always happy to work with new community partners on projects. If you have a new placement idea, come talk to us about it.For community based organizations service learning can mean the realization of projects with the facilitation of an emerging artist, craftsperson or designer. Organizations involved with service learning will benefit from working with talented and creative NSCAD students and faculty who are eager to see transformational change through art, craft and design. The Coordinator acts as a liaison between community based groups, students and faculty enabling projects to flourish."

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