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Educator's Equity Companion Guide

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Educator's Equity Companion GuideHarmony Movement | ON | 2014
Yaya Yao, Helen Anderson, Leah Bennink, Talin Vartanian, Sidrah Ahmad, Sheena Resplandor, Hiren Mistry, Lalita Sood

The Educator’s Equity Companion Guide from Harmony Movement is a practical tool designed to equip educators and community service providers with the knowledge, language and skills to create more equitable, inclusive and safer environments. Through scenarios and real-life examples, discussion questions and the introduction of key concepts, the guide prepares readers to engage in difficult conversations with youth and colleagues, to address issues of inequity as they see them happening, as well as to take action in their schools and communities to promote systemic change. To purchase a copy, please contact Harmony Movement at; available as an e-book and a print version.


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Harmony Movement

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