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Picturing Transformation: Nexw-ayanstut

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Picturing Transformation: Nexw-ayanstutFigure.1 Publishing | BC | 2013
Nancy Bleck, Chief Bill Williams, Katherine Dodds

"Picturing Transformation is the story of Uts’am/Witness, a series of camping weekends held at Sims Creek that brought together First Nations and non-First Nations people to walk, sleep, eat, make art, have conversations and participate in ceremonies on this disputed land. Through the words and photos of those who attended, this beautiful book pays homage to the power that people with strong vision and a common purpose can play in honouring tradition, safeguarding land and changing policy. It is a lesson in the possibilities for resolving conflict peacefully, now and in the future." Visit Figure.1 publishing at to see the book trailer and learn more.

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Figure.1 Publishing

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