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State of the ART: A report on art for social change in Canada

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State of the ART: A report on art for social change in CanadaInternational Centre of Art for Social Change, SFU | Canada wide | 2016
Multiple authors

"Data presented in this interim report emerges from multiple sources. Seven ASC! Project field studies, including in visual arts, dance, theatre, video and social circus, have explored a range of topics: with seniors and the general public in Vancouver; with street-involved youth in Montreal and in four other Quebec locations; immigrants in Montreal; people living with Parkinson’s in Calgary; senior ASC artists across Canada; and youth who have cognitive disabilities in Lethbridge. We have reviewed reports on the broader arts and culture sector, and conducted more than 100 interviews on a wide range of ASC- related issues with representatives from ASC organizations and major funding bodies, as well as artists who have made major contributions to this field of practice over the course of the last thirty years. We have conducted arts-infused dialogue sessions across the country (called Chataquas), each involving 15-30 participants. "

This report was researched, compiled and written by a large team of collaborators, including Judith Marcuse, Nicole Armos, Tracey Leacock, Stephanie Perrin, Kim Gilker, Jennifer Spiegel, Lisa Doolittle, Annalee Yassi, Katherine Boydell, Anne Flynn, Patti Fraser, Lauren Jerke, Rachael Van Fossen, Seanna Connell and her team at ArtBridges, including Skye Louis and Cora-Rae Silk.


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International Centre of Art for Social Change (ICASC)

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