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Educational Programs and Teaching Strategies for Young Offenders

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Educational Programs and Teaching Strategies for Young OffendersUniversity of Toronto, T-Space | ON | 2015
Mika Gang

This study aims to explore education as a tool for young offender rehabilitation. A range of educational programs for young offenders, with a focus on educational strategies, will be examined by looking at both the existing literature and interviews conducted for the purpose of this study. The four primary institutions examined are classrooms in correctional facilities, Section 23 classrooms, drop-in centers for homeless youth, and long-term programs that focus on gang exit strategies and arts entrepreneurship. This paper will cover standardized learning, individualized programming, outdoor and arts-based learning, and community building. The findings of this research should provide educators and policy makers with insight into how they may deliver educational programming that can engage and enable young offenders to be successful in their futures.


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University of Toronto, T-Space

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