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Kutz & Dawgs: a Play for Children & Youth on Anti-Bullying

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Kutz & Dawgs: a Play for Children & Youth on Anti-BullyingMiscellaneous Productions | BC | 2013
Elaine Carol

"This video is the document of the 45-minute play featuring youth from the community as alley cats and junkyard dogs. It is a strongly anti-gang, anti-violence, anti-bullying and anti-racism work. This community-engaged theatre creation was directed by Elaine Carol. It is suitable for ages 9 and older. We have also had many children age 5 – 9 that enjoyed the work immensely. It is up to their parents/guardians if they think it is suitable as there is simulated violence in the play.

MISCELLANEOUS Productions‘ “Kutz & Dawgs” – set in the Fair Verona Junkyard at the end of the world – is an original hip hop musical based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and Broadway’s West Side Story.
“It is an excellent educational tool and we are very proud of it! The production values are excellent – best sound ever on a theatre documentation video and wonderful cinematography.”
Video “Kutz & Dawgs” was commissioned by and had its World Premiere at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and went on tour in November 2012.

This video document was recorded with three cameras and two camera operators in front of a live audience at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium in Abbotsford, BC and Heart of the City Festival in Vancouver, BC.
Elaine Carol served as head writer and the script was co-written by Jorge Escobar, Godfrey Cheng, Silvia Leung, Jorge Alcala, Laura Contreras, Cecilia Cui, Gustavo Diaz de Leon, Marchel Eang, Astrid Herrera, Tim Mok, Chloë Macdonald-Chow, Clarita Ritchie, Rowan Sylvester and Agnes Szenàki.

Featured performers are Jorge Alcala, Christina Cuglietta, Cecilia Cui, Lena Dabrusin, Gustavo Diaz de Leon, Roy Dilbert Jr., Marchal Eang, Jorge Escobar, Tim Mok, Murry Peeters, Alan Pronger, Clarita Ritchie, Rowan Sylvester."


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Miscellaneous Productions

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