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ArtBridges/ToileDesArts Evaluation Year 2 Report - Final

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ArtBridges/ToileDesArts Evaluation Year 2 Report - FinalArtBridges/ToileDesArts, Nayar Consulting | Canada wide | 2017

Founded in 2008, ArtBridges is a hub and forum for connection for anyone interested in or active in community-engaged arts and arts for social change in Canada. ArtBridges informs people about and connects them with community-engaged arts initiatives. ArtBridges aims to improve access to arts and art-making for Canadians.
In December 2013, ArtBridges received a 3-year grant from the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. Part of the grant funding was designated to conducting a comprehensive evaluation of ArtBridges. An external evaluator was contracted to conduct an evaluation in the summer of 2014. This report provides the results of the evaluation in Year Two, including recommendations for further actions that ArtBridges can explore.

ArtBridges's Key Activities & Intended Impact
At present, ArtBridges is guided by a theory of change that was developed in 2014. That theory of change outlines ArtBridges key activities, outcomes, intended and ultimate impact. Key activities include raising awareness; gathering resources; sharing resources; making connections and highlighting what’s going on. A number of integrated and evolving activities fall out from each of the five key areas as stated above. Their intended impact is that “If ArtBridges raises awareness, makes connections, gathers resources, shares resources and highlights what’s going on with community-engaged arts and arts for social change initiatives (as well as people interested in, involved with and committed to community-engaged arts and arts for social change) in Canada, the direct results (our intended impact) will be greater connections, knowledge and inspiration for these initiatives and the community arts and arts for social change field will be more connected and having a higher profile.”

Purpose of Evaluation
The purpose of the evaluation is to identify:
-The extent to which ArtBridges results in greater connections, knowledge and inspiration for
identified initiatives and if community arts and arts for social change field is more connected
and has a higher profile;
-The extent to which processes used contribute to the success of the initiative, including whether
approaches taken are effective in terms of achieving intended results.

Data was gathered using a non-experimental post-test only mixed methods design. Data was gathered through output tracking, electronic surveys and qualitative data gathering. Data was analyzed using primarily exploratory approaches. Important limits to the evaluation are outlined in the body of the report. Data is not generalizable to all ArtBridges community partners or stakeholders.


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