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Arts & Health Project: Healthy Aging Through the Arts




Personnes âgées,
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Arts & Health Project: Healthy Aging Through the Arts The Arts & Health Project | BC | 2011

video by Lemongrass Media

This inspiring video features The Arts & Health Project, which "brings together seniors and professional artists to build social connections, develop artistic skill and creativity and facilitating their ability to age in place."
Here’s an excerpt from their recent ArtBridges profile:
"The long term goal of the project is to facilitate strong and healthy communities that engage seniors as full and active participants in the arts, and that value the arts as a key contributor to the health of all people.
The project strives to maintain and improve the well-being and health of vulnerable seniors through active, ongoing participation in community-based arts practices facilitated by professional artists from different arts disciplines.
The expansion of the site delivery program and the development of on-line resource packages over the next few years will support healthy aging and professional development across BC."


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The Arts & Health Project


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