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What’s Art Got To Do With It?

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What’s Art Got To Do With It?Creative Works Studio | ON | 2013

“Shot over the course of a year, What’s Art Got To Do With It? follows five studio members as they devotedly prepare for an annual art show. In between painting canvasses, firing clay sculptures, shooting photographs, and composing songs, members share what it is like to cope with severe and persistent mental health challenges and addictions. A homegrown approach was used which gave the five members an opportunity to collaborate in the making of the film – being both behind and in front of the camera, as well as creating some of the musical score and contributing to the editing process.” (from Creative Works Studio website)
Watch the trailer for the documentary above or click here. To find out more about the film, please see What’s Art Got To Do With It? page.
The Creative Works Studio, an occupational therapy based program, helps individuals living with mental health challenges heal and cope through the power of artistic expression.
Creative Works Studio is a comprehensive community based arts outreach program that offers a safe and accepting place of healing for individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness and/or addiction. We value each member and each member’s contribution to our community.
-submitted by Isabel Fryszberg, Creative Works Studio


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