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GOAL Toolkit: Inside The Kaleidoscope

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GOAL Toolkit: Inside The KaleidoscopeArtReach | ON |

"When you hold a kaleidoscope up to the light, that’s how I envision and conceive of our sexual and gendered beings: without borders nor ceilings nor floors, it is energy and light, multifaceted, iridescent, full of potential and possibilities."
- Kiley May

This guide is part of the larger GOAL (Grassroots Organizing and Leadership) Youth Workshop and Resource
Series presented by ArtReach in partnership with Grassroots Youth Collaborative, City of Toronto, For
Youth Initiative, and Toronto Community Foundation. Through the GOAL project, ArtReach provides free
workshops across the city of Toronto as well as a comprehensive set of toolkits, videos, and other resources
-- of which this important guide is just one. More information about the services offered by ArtReach can be
found on our website,
We would also like to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation whose financial
contributions have made this project possible."


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