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ArtTransforms Ep.3: Art Inspires



ArtTransforms Ep.3: Art InspiresSKETCH | ON | 2017

"SKETCH and our partners at TraffikGroup are proud to launch our web series #ArtTransforms: six 90-second video vignettes in which young people reveal their own personal Art Transforms story. We're sharing the first video with you today, and a new video every two weeks.

The series covers themes like mental health, inclusion, entrepreneurship, and more. Young people share how engaging in the arts at SKETCH has sparked their own personal and artistic transformation.

Skratch is a grafitti/aerosole artist. His art is inspired by traditional native art, and graffiti style.

Follow Skratch:
Facebook: @skratch.wonder
Instagram: @skratchwonder

On any given night in Toronto, about 2,000 young people are homeless (about 6000 on any night across Canada). For over 20 years, SKETCH has been advocating that access to the arts is a potent response. Through Skratch’s story, we are inspired and compelled to develop more opportunities in the arts for young people to live well and lead in reshaping our communities."

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