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Adapted Dance: Hoe Ana

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Adapted Dance: Hoe AnaAdapted Dances | ON | 2018

"Move N' Mingle is an adapted dance program, for people with intellectual disabilities that operates at the Prosserman Jewish Community Centre in Toronto Canada. We serve a diverse group of individuals and have been dancing together for over 10 years, with the help of some very dedicated volunteers. Our dance repertoire consists of modified folk dances as well as dances that have been specifically choreographed for our group, according to the musical preferences of the participants. We thank a generous donor for sponsoring this video series.

Hoe Ana is a folk dance from the Cook Islands in Polynesia. The movements in this dance represent the migration of the islanders in search of new islands. The original dance would have been done kneeling as in a canoe. For some members of our group, this would be a difficult position, so we have elected to remain standing throughout the dance. Alternatively, it is easy to do this dance sitting in a chair for any individuals with mobility issues. This version of Hoe Ana is based upon notation by Frances Bourque Moreau.

The story I verbalize when leading dances is as follows:
Follow the birds X2
Together in the boat--swaying side to side with arms crossed

On the water, On the water using hands to skim water surface
Looking for the land--rocking movement with hands shielding eyes
Under the Sun--hand up
Under the Moon--other hand up
Under the stars-- hands make bursting movements to the front in 4 positions
Paddle your canoe, slowly, x4
Now I see the land, hands reach forward and bring the land to yourself X2

Fast Paddling sequence:
Fast paddling x4
Get splashed--Sprinkling movements with hands x4
Dive in
And you've landed with a clap

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