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Adapted Dance: Light a Candle

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Adapted Dance: Light a CandleAdapted Dances | ON | 2018

"Move N' Mingle is an adapted dance program, for people with intellectual disabilities that operates at the Prosserman Jewish Community Centre in Toronto Canada. We serve a diverse group of individuals and have been dancing together for over 10 years, with the help of some very dedicated volunteers. Our dance repertoire consists of modified folk dances as well as dances that have been specifically choreographed for our group, according to the musical preferences of the participants. We thank a generous donor for sponsoring this video series. We thank a generous donor for sponsoring this video series.

Light a Candle, is a dance from Israel. Our adaptation of it is very easy to follow and can also be done sitting down. The music is very stirring.

Dance sequence:
Walk hands up wards with 4 movements
Walk Hands downwards with 4 movements
Repeat this sequence
Walk towards centre in 8 slow steps while raising hands upwards, fingers fluttering
Walk out from centre bring arms/hands down

Light a Candle:
Slowly bring R hand up above head--keep it there
Slowly bring L hand up to meet R Hand, index finger to index finger
Bring arms/hands down in 8 movements, touching fingertips on the way down each time

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