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Adapted Dance: Kouresh

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Adapted Dance: KoureshAdapted Dances | ON | 2018

"Move N' Mingle is an adapted dance program, for people with intellectual disabilities that operates at the Prosserman Jewish Community Centre in Toronto Canada. We serve a diverse group of individuals and have been dancing together for over 10 years, with the help of some very dedicated volunteers. Our dance repertoire consists of modified folk dances as well as dances that have been specifically choreographed for our group, according to the musical preferences of the participants. We thank a generous donor for sponsoring this video series.

Kouresh, is a folk dance from Kyrgyzstan. Many of the movements in this dance relate to horses and horseback riding. The original dance had quick travelling steps, which would be difficult for our group, but the arm movements are very doable. We excerpted arm movements from the original, and do them in place. This dance can easily be done sitting in a chair as well.

Gidyup (done during singing)
Clap hands in front of body and then swing arms for 3 counts-- Repeat this clapping sequence
Slap R hand towards back, and say Gidyup (if desired), allow arms to swing freely afterwards
Slap L hand towards the back, and say Gidyup allow arms to swing freely afterwards

Riding (done during instrumental/throat singing music)
16 counts of pretending to ride the horse in place
Lurch to the right a bit, and say "Don't fall off"
Lurch to the left a bit, and say "Don't fall off"
Repeat lurching R & L
Begin dance after the introductory hoof-beats:
Gidyup figure x6
Riding figure x2
Gidyup figure x3
Riding figure until music ends

The Gidyup figure flows into the Riding figure each time--complete the Gidyup figure and shorten the Riding figure to 8 counts instead of 16, at these transition points.

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