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Dimensions of Music Care Part 5: Music Technology

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Dimensions of Music Care Part 5: Music TechnologyRoom 217 - Music Care | Canada wide | 2017
Sarah Pearson

"Smart phones and social media have changed the way people engage with art. In many ways, technology has enabled its users to become confident artists.

Thanks to easy Instagram filters, more people feel like confident photographers. Thanks to free recording apps like GarageBand, more folks can run a home recording studio. Thanks to blogging platforms like Wordpress and Blogspot, becoming a self-published writer has never been easier. Thanks to playlist apps Songza, more folks feel confident DJing background music for an event.

These digital tools are empowering, and for people with access to computers, tablets and the Internet, they make art and media accessible.

Digital accessibility has a cost, of course. In a climate where a simple Spotify subscription gets you unlimited digital music, vinyl is making a huge comeback. While digital recording software is cheaper and more effective than ever, many artists opt to record onto analogue tape in costly studios. I won’t be surprised if we soon find community-based dark rooms popping up in response to a resurgence of film photography.

For those of us using music in care, technology can be our best friend and our worst enemy."

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Room 217 - Care through Music

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