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STORIES OF NOW: Acorn Arts Project



STORIES OF NOW: Acorn Arts ProjectArtBridges, Arts for Social Change Network, Acorn Arts Project | ON | 2021

“STORIES OF NOW” is part of a project ArtBridges is working on with Judith Marcuse Projects’ ASCN (Arts for Social Change Network) and ICASC. It is about gathering and sharing stories emanating from the field now and about what issues and areas of focus matter.

STORIES OF NOW: Acorn Arts Project (Toronto)
As told by: Naomi Chorney, Founder & Secretary, Acorn Arts Project, October 7th, 2021 to Seanna Connell (ArtBridges).


"If you could tell a story about your community-engaged arts initiative now, this year, what would the story be about? What are the main themes?

NC: Main themes – building a strong (organizational) foundation, that was really a large part of what transpired in 2021. A lot of establishing by-laws, doing the ground-work and developing governance. This is what we’ve been doing a lot during the pandemic.

We’ve also been reaching out and getting more involved in the (Regent Park) community (where Acorn Arts is based- at 220 Oak) meeting people, and finding out what’s going on. We’re trying to map out what’s going on art-wise in the community. We’re participating and engaging by zoom, working towards a common goal. "

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ArtBridges, Arts for Social Change Network, Acorn Arts Project


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