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About ArtBridges – A Hub for Community-Engaged Arts Across Canada

ArtBridges is a unique, emerging and free Canada-wide hub for community-engaged arts initiatives that connects people interested or active in community-engaged arts across Canada. 
ArtBridges’ seeks to nurture community-engaged arts nationwide. We imagine better access to arts and art-making across Canada, particularly for people living in remote, under-resourced and under-serviced communities.

We’re achieving our vision by … ArtBridging

We’ve created our own word to describe what we do – ArtBridging: [ahrt-brij-ing] verb.

We define ArtBridging as

Creating networks and collaborations between community arts projects, programs, organizations and resources with the outcome being positive benefits to Canadian communities.

Origin: 2008 Artbridges/ToileDesArts

Our community

The ArtBridges community consists of diverse communities of all sizes and geographic locations across Canada - every person, organization, initiative or community interested in, involved with or committed to community-engaged arts and arts for social change.