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Resources related to engaging and empowering seniors.

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Arts & Health Project: Healthy Aging Through the Arts

video by Lemongrass Media

This inspiring video features The Arts & Health Project, which "brings together seniors and professional artists to build social connections, develop artisti...

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Les peuples autochtones et le traumatisme historique : le processus de transmission intergénérationnelle

"Le premier rapport de cette série en deux parties, Les Peuples autochtones et le traumatisme historique : le processus de transmission intergénérationnelle, reconnaît que les expériences des Aut...

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Creative Engagement Through the Arts as Health Care for Older People: Potential and Problems Provoked

"Programs that use the arts to engage older people promote health, foster community, and give voice and legacy to participants. Creative practice in health care settings facilitates emotional, mental,...

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Building Bridges Across Generations: Redefining intergenerational spaces for girls' empowerment

"Girls Action Foundation has compiled practices and reflections to share with other groups that are creating intergenerational spaces for social change. We hope that our experience and expertise can c...

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Newsletter: Community-Engaged Arts Opportunities for Seniors / Infolettre : Activités artistiques communautaires pour les personnes âgées

Community-engaged arts opportunities for seniors and older adults are on the rise across Canada! For the first time in Canada’s history, there are more people age 65 and older than people under age 15. H...

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Aboriginal Peoples and Historic Trauma: The process of intergenerational transmission

"The first report in this two-part series, Aboriginal Peoples and Historic Trauma: The process of intergenerational transmission, recognizes that Aboriginal peoples' experiences are rooted in multigen...

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HATS Handbook: Action Theatre as a model for community education

A toolkit for 'community workers, group leaders, animators and individuals interested in seniors theatre or in the use of theatre as a community development and education tool'. Includes info about Action ...

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Intergenerational Healing Around the Effects of Residential Schools

A video documenting BluePrintForLife's work in Kugaaruk, Nunavut. BluePrint partnered with Pauktuutit (The National Women’s Inuit Association) to create an intergenerational healing program around the ef...

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The Arts, Health and Seniors Project

Report on the 3-year project "developed in Vancouver and North Vancouver to provide vulnerable and marginalized seniors with community-engaged arts programming and to demonstrate the role that profess...

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Community-Engaged Arts Practice with Seniors: A Startup Guide

Intended as a resource for "community leaders, artists, seniors’ workers and recreational and arts programmers", this guide is based on lessons learned during the Arts & Health Project: Hea...

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Visible Voices: Through the Looking Glass

Voices Visible documents a project where Fay Wilkinson worked with seniors in two long-term care homes to explore depression through expressive arts making.

A video snapshot of the artwork was...

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SAGE-ING with Creative Spirit, Grace & Gratitude: A journal of the arts & aging

Sage-ing With Creative Spirit, Grace and Gratitude exists to honour the transformational power of creativity. Sage-ing is a quarterly journal intended as an initiative for collaboration and sharing. Sage-i...

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