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Art for Social Change (ASC) Evaluation Web-based Tool

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Art for Social Change (ASC) Evaluation Web-based ToolInternational Centre of Art for Social Change | BC | 2017

"Following several years of research and development, drawing on experience from around the world, we are please to share a new online resource to help with the monitoring and evaluation of ASC projects.

Explore the Art for Social Change (ASC) Evaluation Tool online at

The ASC Evaluation Web-Based Tool includes:
- Evaluation Tool: 7-step guide will show you the basics of monitoring and evaluating your project
- Evaluative Research Mini Course: This course presents the material in the 7-step guide, plus some more nuanced explanation of some of the more advanced concepts
- Quiz: Test your knowledge of evaluation
- Scenarios: The scenarios provide a more interactive way to approach the material presented in this tool
- Examples: Here you will find examples of projects and studies that have been done on other art for social change projects"


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International Centre of Art for Social Change (ICASC)

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