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About ArtBridges – A Hub for Community-Engaged Arts Across Canada

This section will help you to learn more about ArtBridges - what we’re currently doing, why we do it, who’s on the team and our history.

What ArtBridges/ToileDesArts does

  • Informs people about community-engaged arts and the benefits of arts for social change in Canada
  • Connects people with community arts initiatives, events and opportunities
  • Provides a free, Canada-wide hub for community-engaged arts initiatives
  • Helps to improve access to arts and art-making for Canadians living in remote, under-resourced and under-serviced communities

To learn more about ArtBridges find out:

&nbspWhat we do

Find out about ArtBridges overarching goals and specific current activities.

&nbspWhy we do it

What is ArtBridges Raison d’Etre? Find out about why we got started and why we do this work.

&nbspThe benefits of community-engaged arts

Learn about some of the benefits of community-engaged arts. Read and watch inspiring stories, videos and testimonials. Hear what people are saying about ArtBridges and examples of ‘ArtBridging’...

&nbspArtBridges' history

Read about the highlights of ArtBridges’ history

&nbspStories from across the provinces and territories

Find out about how we initially researched community arts initiatives across Canada and about the summaries of our findings.

&nbspAbout the ArtBridges team

Find out about ArtBridges. See who helps out on the Advisory. Read bios about current staff, consultants and founders. Learn how students are involved.